Daniel Augur

M, (circa 1715 - 18 February 1803)
Father-Biological*John Augur b. 16 Nov 1686, d. 30 Oct 1726
Mother-Biological*Elizabeth Bradley b. 16 Nov 1686, d. 13 Dec 1780
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Gravestone of Daniel Augur
     Daniel Augur was born circa 1715 at East Haven, Connecticut.1 He was the son of John Augur and Elizabeth Bradley. Daniel was a farmer and perhaps a blacksmith.1

Daniel Augur married Elizabeth Hitchcock, daughter of Nathaniel Hitchcock and Rebecca Morris.

1. Lois Augur (1749-1751)
2. Philemon Augur (1754-1790)
3. Elizabeth Augur (1758-1839.)1

He recorded his "Eare mark which is a slit in the end of the left eare" on 16 December 1747. He was a member of the Ecclesiastical Society, but his name does not appear on the roll of church members, of which, however, there is no record earlier than 1755. East Haven became a town in 1785. Among the thirty-three freemen who voted at the first town meeting was Daniel Augur. On Jan. 3, 1758, he was chosen to collect the salary of Rev. Mr. Street.1 Daniel Augur was admitted as a freeman in 1754 at East Haven, Connecticut.1

Daniel Augur married Mabel Brown.1 Daniel Augur died on 18 February 1803 at East Haven, Connecticut.1,2,3 He was buried at Old Cemetery, East Haven, Connecticut. Daniel's epitaph reads:

In memory of
Mr. Daniel Auger
who died
Feby 18th, 1803
Æ. 88.2

His will was proved on 7 March 1803 at East Haven, Connecticut, His will mentions his wife, not by name, to whom was given a right in the house and the use of two and one-half acres with the same, and other rights. To his grandson Roswell, he gave his shop and tools and the remainder of his estate he gave equally to his son Philemon and his daughter Elizabeth, who is now married to Samuel Forbes. The inventory amounted to £384, quite a good estate for a farmer in those days. It mentions "Blacksmith's tools," which were distributed to Roswell, his grandson.1


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