Deacon Abraham Augur

M, (1724 - 31 May 1798)
Father-Biological*John Augur b. 16 Nov 1686, d. 30 Oct 1726
Mother-Biological*Elizabeth Bradley b. 16 Nov 1686, d. 13 Dec 1780
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Gravestone of Deacon Abraham Augur
     Deacon Abraham Augur was born in 1724 at East Haven, Connecticut.1,2 He was the son of John Augur and Elizabeth Bradley. Abraham graduated from Hopkins' Grammar School in 1738.1 When his father died, he chose, and the court appointed, John Potter, Jr., as his guardian on 8 July 1740.1

Deacon Abraham Augur married Elizabeth Bradley, daughter of Eldad Bradley, on 21 May 1746 at Woodbridge, Connecticut.

1. Martha Augur (1746-1820)
2. Elizabeth Augur (1748-1749)
3. Hezekiah Augur (1750-1818)
4. Rhoda Augur (1750-1821)
5. Phebe Augur (1752-1813
6. Lydia Augur (1753-1802)
7. Chloe Augur (1756-1774)
8. Huldah Augur (1758-1833.)1

He came to Amity Parish (Woodbridge) after 1740, and was admitted to full communion there on 4 May 1749. He removed to New Haven, probably after the death of his first wife, and joined the White Haven Church, made up largely of a faction termed "New Eights" who had withdrawn from the First Church. On June 20, 1771, twenty-seven persons, most of them from the White Haven Church, on confession of their faith were organized into a new church then called the Fair Haven Church, among whom were Abraham Augur and his wife Sarah, and Timothy Ford.1

Deacon Abraham Augur married Sarah ______ on 17 February 1765.

1. Joel Augur (1766-____)
2. Jeremiah Augur (1768-____)
3. Abraham Augur (____-1795)
4. Lucie Augur (1771-____.)1

He was chosen deacon of the White Haven Church on 11 October 1773, which office he held for twenty-five years until his death.1 He was chosen as one of a "Committee of Inspection" pm 11 Dece,ber 1775 to look after Tories and expose their machinations.1 He was a made a selectman for the Town of New Haven in 1776, and served though 1779. He served again from 1783 to 1785.1 He was a Carpenter's Mate on board the ship, Oliver Cromwell from 1778 to August 1779.1 Deacon Abraham Augur died on 31 May 1798 at New Haven, Connecticut.1,2,3 He was buried at Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut.2


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