Jeanne Boudrot1

F, (19 February 1730 - after 1771)
Father-Biological*François Boudrot dit Manne1 b. 1692, d. 1764
Mother-Biological*Jeanne Landry1 b. c 1700, d. 1763
Last Edited=27 Aug 2023
     Jeanne Boudrot was born on 19 February 1730 at Port-LaJoie, Île Saint-Jean (now Prince Edward's Island), New France.1 She was the daughter of François Boudrot dit Manne and Jeanne Landry.1

Jeanne Boudrot married Charles Doucet, son of François Doucet and Marie Carret, in 1747 at Île Saint-Jean (now Prince Edward's Island), New France.

1. Anne Doucet
2. Marguerite Doucet
3. Marie Doucet
4. Joseph Doucet
5. Adéaïde Doucet
6. Charles Doucet.1

Jeanne Boudrot died after 1771.1


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