Ellen McCormick

F, (1838 - 2 April 1896)
Family Lines
Scully Line
Last Edited=15 May 2023
     Ellen McCormick was born in 1838 at Dublin, Ireland.1,2,3,4 She immigrated circa 1851 to Ireland.5

Ellen McCormick married Daniel Scully, son of William Scully and Julia Keleher, in 1859.1,2,3,5 Ellenmoved to Albany, Albany County, New York, circa December 1859.1,2 Ellen, age 22 years, and Daniel, age 28 years, appeared on the US Census of 1860 at Greenbush, Rensselaer County, New York. Living with the Doiran family.6 Ellen and Danielmoved to Canada circa 1861.1,2 Ellen, age 32 years, and Daniel, age 38 years, appeared on the US Census of 1870 at Temperanceville (now West End Villiage), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.7 Ellen McCormick died on 2 April 1896 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from dropsy.1,2,3,5,8,9,4 She was buried on 4 April 1896 at Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery, Lawrenceville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.4

Compeller's Notes:
Parents: Felix McCormack and Katherine Walker are often given as her parents, but I can find no documentation to that effect. However, Felix and Katherine settled in Canada and had a son, William, there before Ellen's birth. Ellen was born in Ireland, so unless they returned (why would you go back in the midst of a famine), they are clearly not Ellen's parents.

Children of Ellen McCormick and Daniel Scully


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