Edmund Ironside King of England

M, (between 988 and 996 - 30 November 1016)
Father-Biological*Æthelred II the Unrede ~ King of England b. 968, d. 23 Apr 1016
Mother-Biological*Ælfgifu ~ Queen of England b. c 968
Family Lines
Roy Line

Boudreau Line
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Edmund Ironside and Canute
     Edmund Ironside King of England was born between 988 and 996 at Kingdom of Wessex.1 He was the son of Æthelred II the Unrede ~ King of England and Ælfgifu ~ Queen of England.

Edmund Ironside King of England married Ealgyth of Northumbria, daughter of Morcar , High Reeve of Northumbria and Eadgyth, in August 1015.2,3,4 Canute invaded England, fought, and eventually negotiated with Edmund Ironside. They agreed that Edmund was to rule Wessex and Canute was to rule the rest of England. However, Edmund Ironside died shortly thereafter leaving Canute as sole ruler of England. Some sources claim he was murdered at the instigation of his brother-in-law Eadric, possibly while using the privy.3 Edmund was chosen the King of England in April 1016.3 He died on 30 November 1016 at London, England.2,3,1,4,5 He was buried at Glastonbury Abbey, Somersetshire, England.4

Children of Edmund Ironside King of England and Ealgyth of Northumbria


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