Louise Robichaud

F, #710, (circa 1703 - 1756)
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     Louise Robichaud was born circa 1703 at Port-Royal, Acadia.1 She was the daughter of Alexandre Robichaud and Marie-Anne Melanson.1

Louise Robichaud married Joseph Bourg, son of Abraham Bourg and Marie Brun, on 6 November 1722 at Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Port-Royal, Colony of Nova Scotia. Signed by Alexandre Robichau, Charles Belliveaux and Guillaume Blanchard.[3][4] The name Robichau is spelled 3 different ways in this document. The father of the bride signed his name Robichau, so using that spelling. Also there was a transcription error regarding the grooms name on the heritage version which states his name is Jacques, the original calls him Joseph.2,1

Louise Robichaud died in 1756 at Antigua.1

Children of Louise Robichaud and Joseph Bourg


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