Alexis Cormier

M, (1676 - )
Father-Biological*Thomas Cormier b. 1636, d. 1699
Mother-Biological*Marie-Madeleine Girouard b. 1654
Family Lines
Boudreau Line
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     Alexis Cormier was born in 1676 at Acadia, New France.1,2,3 He was the son of Thomas Cormier and Marie-Madeleine Girouard. In the 1686 US Census, Alexis was recorded, age 14, living in Beaubassin, Acadia, New France.4 When Alexis was about 20 years old, he witnessed the effects of Benjamin Church's 1696 raid of Beaubassin. Once the English ships were seen, the inhabitants fled into the woods, carrying their more valuable possessions. In Beaubassin the church was burned, along with some houses, and animals were slaughtered. It is not known how the Cormier family was affected at Ouescoque, as it was 9 kilometers from Beaubassin.4

Alexis Cormier married Marie LeBlanc, daughter of Jacques LeBlanc and Catherine Hébert, circa 1697 at Beaubassin, Acadia, New France.1,2,3,4 In the 1698 US Census, Alexis was recorded, age 22, living in Beaubassin, Acadia, New France.4 After the Treaty of Utrecht, when British rule became permanent, the Cormiers, like most of their neighbors, decided to stay in Beaubassin as French neutrals (promising loyalty to the King of Great Britain and to remain neutral in the event of a conflict between France and Great Britain). Beaubassin then experienced decades of relative peace and prosperity. The village was productive in raising cattle, growing grain, and trading fur with the Mi’kmaq and Maliseet. Surpluses were traded with both the English (Bay of Fundy) and the French (Baie Verte).4

Compeller's Notes:
Frugé (1972) gives their marriage as about 1700.1

Children of Alexis Cormier and Marie LeBlanc


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