Godgifu ~ Princess of England

F, (circa 1010 - before 1049)
Father-Biological*Æthelred II the Unrede ~ King of England b. 968, d. 23 Apr 1016
Mother-Biological*Emma of Normandy b. c 986, d. 14 Mar 1052
Family Lines
Boudreau Line

Roy Line
Last Edited=16 May 2023
     Godgifu ~ Princess of England was born circa 1010 at England.1,2 She was the daughter of Æthelred II the Unrede ~ King of England and Emma of Normandy. Godgifu's name was also spelt Goda.3

Godgifu ~ Princess of England married Drogo of Mantes, son of Walter II the White and Adele, on 7 April 1024.

Godgifu ~ Princess of England married Eustace II aux Gernons ~ Comte de Boulogne et Lens, son of Eustace I ~ Comte de Boulogne and Matilda of Louvain, in 1036.1,4,5,3,6,7 Godgifu ~ Princess of England died before 1049.2,6,3,8,7

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Child of Godgifu ~ Princess of England and Drogo of Mantes


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