Emma of Normandy

F, (circa 986 - 14 March 1052)
Father-Biological*Richard I the Fearless , Duke of Normandy b. 933, d. 20 Nov 996
Mother-Biological*Gunnor of Crêpon b. 936, d. 1027 or 1031
Family Lines
Roy Line

Boudreau Line
Last Edited=16 May 2023
     Emma of Normandy was born circa 986.1 She was the daughter of Richard I the Fearless , Duke of Normandy and Gunnor of Crêpon.

Emma of Normandy married Æthelred II the Unrede ~ King of England, son of Edgar the Peaceful , King of England and Ælfthryth.2,1,3,4 Emma of Normandy died on 14 March 1052.2,1

Child of Emma of Normandy and Æthelred II the Unrede ~ King of England


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