Ida of Lorraine

F, #7896, (circa 1040 - 13 August 1113)
Ida of Lorraine and Knights
Last Edited=16 May 2023
     Ida of Lorraine was born circa 1040 at Bass, Lower Lorraine, France.1,2 She was the daughter of Geoffrey II the Bearded ~ Duc de Haut et Bas Lorraine, Comte de Verdun. Ida of Lorraine was also known as Blessed Ida of Boulogne.1 She was the heiress of Bouillon.1

Ida of Lorraine married Eustace II aux Gernons ~ Comte de Boulogne et Lens, son of Eustace I ~ Comte de Boulogne and Matilda of Louvain, in December 1057.3,4,1,5,2 Ida of Lorraine died on 13 August 1113.1,2

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