Ermesinde of Longwy

F, ( - after 1058)
Father-Biological*Adalbert III ~ Comte de Longwy et Duc de Haute-Lorraine b. c 1000, d. 1048
Mother-Biological*Clemence de Foix
Family Lines
Boudreau Line

Roy Line
Last Edited=19 Jul 2022
     Ermesinde of Longwy was the daughter of Adalbert III ~ Comte de Longwy et Duc de Haute-Lorraine and Clemence de Foix. After he husband died in 1048, she became a nun.1

Ermesinde of Longwy married William V , Count of Poitou, son of William III the Great ~ Comte de Poitou and Agnes of Burgundy , Princess of Lombardy, in 1051.1 Ermesinde of Longwy died after 1058.1

Child of Ermesinde of Longwy and William V , Count of Poitou


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