Clovis I the Great ~ King of the Franks

M, (circa 466 - 27 November 511)
Father-Biological*Childeric I ~ Ceftain of the Salian Franks b. c 436, d. 481
Mother-Biological*Basina of Thuringia
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Clovis I, King of the Franks
     Clovis I the Great ~ King of the Franks was born circa 466.1,2,3 He was the son of Childeric I ~ Ceftain of the Salian Franks and Basina of Thuringia. Clovis's name was also spelt Chlodovec.3 Clovis is considered the founder of the French State. In 486, in co-operation with other Frankish chieftains, he defeated the last great Roman army in Gaul under the commander Syagrius near Soissons. He then went on to defeat many minor princes, kings and tribal chieftains to form the first Frankish Kingdom. However, the exact chronology of Clovis' reign is hopelessly obscure; even the identity of the various peoples he is said to have defeated and absorbed into his kingdom is debatable. According to legend, an angel gave Clovis I an iris flower or "fleur-de-lis" after accepting the Christian faith, and Clovis I then used fleur-de-lis as his symbol. However, it is entirely unlikely that Clovis underwent an experience of profound enlightenment during which he renounced the many Celtic, Germanic and Roman deities to embrace Jesus Christ. He more likely viewed Christ as another powerful god; an ally he could call upon to give him victory in battle. At the time of his death, his kingdom covered most of what is now France and the western part of Germany. According to ancient Frankish law and tradition, the kingdom was split up among his sons Clodomir, Theodoric I (also Thierri I), Childebert I and Clothaire I. [see picture below] The situation was far from peaceful as the Merovingian Kings spent much of the next two centuries squabbling over the various thrones. Although a temporary union of the Frankish Kingdoms occurred several times when a single heir survived, the situation was chaotic as various kings sought to displace one another.1,3 Clovis was crowned the King of the Salic Franks in 481.2,3

Clovis I the Great ~ King of the Franks married first wife.

Clovis I the Great ~ King of the Franks married Saint Clothilda, daughter of Childperic II ~ King of the Burgundians and Caretana, in 492.2 Clovis was baptized as an adult on 22 September 496.1 He died on 27 November 511 at Paris, Île-de-France, France.1,2,3 He was buried at Abbey of Saint Genevieve, Paris, Île-de-France, France.

Children of Clovis I the Great ~ King of the Franks and Saint Clothilda


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