Maria Whilhemena Schultz

F, (27 January 1864 - 7 November 1937)
Father-Biological*Karl Rudolph Schultz b. 8 Sep 1828, d. 7 Oct 1898
Mother-Biological*Gertrude Mary Geyerstanger b. 2 Jul 1827, d. 30 Jan 1879
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Maria Schultz Tonar
     Maria Whilhemena Schultz was born on 27 January 1864 at Latrobe, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Karl Rudolph Schultz and Gertrude Mary Geyerstanger. Maria Whilhemena Schultz went by the nick-name of Mary. Sheappeared on the US Census of 1870 in the household of Karl Rudolph Schultz and Gertrude Mary Schultz at Latrobe, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.1 Maria Whilhemena Schultzappeared on the US Census of 1880 in the household of Karl Rudolph Schultz at Main Street, Latrobe, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.2

Maria Whilhemena Schultz, age 40, married James F. Toner on 11 February 1904 at Latrobe, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Maria Whilhemena Schultz died on 7 November 1937 at Latrobe, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, at age 73 from apoplexy. She was buried on 10 November 1937 at Saint Marys Cemetery, Latrobe, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. On 16 July 2013 by bandj21 posted on the following:

My mother told me that her Aunt Mary was an organist at the Catholic Church in Latrobe.

She was very careful about her appearance and would never answer the door if she were not perfectly attired.

I believe that Aunt Mary left my mother some money in her will because Mom said that if her brothers knew about it they would think that "she had played up to Aunt Mary" in order to be named in her will. I know Mom didn't have the opportunity to do that because I don't think she saw her Aunt Mary very many times. It's more likely that Aunt Mary being the only girl in her family of a lot of boys felt closer to my mother who also was an only girl in a family of boys. We have a picture of Aunt Mary visiting Mom in Ebensburg shortly after I was born.

I don't know for sure what her husband did for a living. I vaguely remember Mom saying he owned a jewelry store but I may have him confused with Uncle Jim Schultz whom I remember as possibly being the jeweler. Also in the Census I can't read what James did for a living. It sort of looks like carpentry but I don't think that is what it really says. It's something else that begins with a "C."


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