Æthelbald , King of England1

M, (circa 834 - 860)
Father-Biological*Æthelwulf ~ King of Wessex1 b. c 806, d. 13 Jan 858
Mother-Biological*Osburh1 b. c 810, d. a 876
Last Edited=4 Jun 2022
     Æthelbald , King of England was born circa 834 at Kingdom of Wessex.1 He was the son of Æthelwulf ~ King of Wessex and Osburh.1 Æthelbald was crowned, King of England in 856 at Kingdom of Wessex.1

Æthelbald , King of England married Judith of France ~ Princess of France, Queen of Wessex and England, daughter of Charles II the Bald ~ Holy Roman Emperor and King of France and Ermentrude of Orléans, in 860.1 Æthelbald , King of England died in 860 at Kingdom of Wessex.1


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