Captain Daniel Flanders

M, (28 April 1789 - 28 April 1858)
Father-Biological*Jedidiah Flanders b. 29 Aug 1748, d. 6 Dec 1823
Mother-Biological*Judith Tuxbury b. 13 Feb 1752
Last Edited=13 May 2023
Gravestone of Capt. Daniel Flanders
     Captain Daniel Flanders was born on 28 April 1789 at Salisbury, Massachusetts.1,2,3 He was the son of Jedidiah Flanders and Judith Tuxbury.

Captain Daniel Flanders married Betsey Collins.

1. Henry T. Flanders (1812-____)
2. Osbourne Flander
3. William C. Flanders (1817-____)
4. Cerena F. Flanders (1818-____)
5. Barnett C. Flanders (1820-1905.)

He served in Lt. Col. J. Waugh's regiment raised at Cornville, Maine, from 14 September to 24 September 1814 making him a War of 1812 veteran.3,4 He was the Cornville Town Treasurer in 1816.5 Captain Daniel Flanders died on 28 April 1858 at Mayfield, Maine, at age 69.3,6 He was buried at Mayfield, Maine. Daniel's epitaph reads:

May 3, 1858.
Æ. 49 yrs. 6 ms.3


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