Anne Haché ditte Gallant1

F, #19135, (27 October 1737 - circa 21 October 1813)
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     Anne Haché ditte Gallant was born on 27 October 1737 at Port-LaJoie, Île Saint-Jean (now Prince Edward's Island), New France.1 She was the daughter of Charles Haché dit Gallant and Geneviève Lavergne.

Anne Haché ditte Gallant married Joseph Chiasson, son of François Chiasson and Anne Doucet, circa 1755 at Acadia, New France.

1. Geneviève Chiasson
2. Nicolas-Joseph Chiasson
3. Jean-Pierre Chiasson
4. Jean-de-Dieu Chiasson
5. Péligie Chiasson **
6. Scholastique Chiasson **
7. Ludivine Chiasson
8. Paul Chiasson
9. Beloni Chiasson
10. René Chiasson.1

Anne and Joseph lived on 21 June 1772 at Bathurst, Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada, where two of their children were christened.2 Anne Haché ditte Gallant died circa 21 October 1813 at Miscou, Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada.1

Children of Anne Haché ditte Gallant and Joseph Chiasson


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