Herleva de Falaise

F, (circa 1003 - circa 1050)
Father-Biological*Fulbert of Falaise
Family Lines
Roy Line

Boudreau Line
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     Herleva de Falaise was born circa 1003.1,2 She was the daughter of Fulbert of Falaise and Dode. Herleva de Falaise was also known as Harlette de Falaise. She and Robert I the Devil , Duke of Normandy and Count of Hiesmois were in a relationship that produced offspring Both were under twenty, possibly as young as seventeen. Herleva became pregnant with their first child who was to become William the Conqueror. Apparently there were no hard feelings with regard to Robert and Herleva having a child without undergoing the formality of a church ceremony. It would appear that Robert and Herleva "broke up", but once again, there does not seem to have been any hard feelings. Herleva married to Herluin, Vicomte of Contreville, and they had two sons: Odo, Bishop of Bayeux and Earl of Kent; and Robert, Count of Mortain; both of whom were very close to their half brother, William the Conqueror; and both of whom were present at the Battle of Hastings.1

Herleva de Falaise married Herluin , Viscount of Conteville, son of John of Tonsburgh , Earl of Comwyn, Baron of Tonsburgh, between 1028 and 1033.1,3,4,2,5 Herleva de Falaise died circa 1050.2 She was buried at Grestain Abbey, Fatouville-Grestain, Eure, Normandy, France.2


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