Deacon Greenleaf H. Woodman

M, (25 August 1808 - 14 March 1880)
Father-Biological*Jacob Woodman b. 31 Aug 1785, d. 2 Feb 1861
Mother-Biological*Hannah Hatch b. 9 Jul 1782, d. 23 Sep 1859
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Deacon Greenleaf H. Woodman
     Deacon Greenleaf H. Woodman was born on 25 August 1808 at Auburn, Maine.1,2,3 He was the son of Jacob Woodman and Hannah Hatch.

Deacon Greenleaf H. Woodman, age 22, married Dorothy E Dunham, age 20 , daughter of Johnson Dunham and Hannah Moss, on 8 February 1831.2,4,5 Greenleaf, appeared on the US Census of 1840 at Minot, Maine. The enumeration reads:

2 - Free White Persons - Males - Under 5
1 - Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9
1 - Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39
1 - Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39
1 - Persons Employed in Manufacture and Trade
3 - Free White Persons - Under 20
2 - Free White Persons - 20 thru 49
5 - Total Free White Persons
5 - Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves.6

Greenleaf, age 41 years, and Dorothy, age 39 years, appeared on the US Census of 1850 at Auburn, Maine.7 According to the Federal Census in 1850, Greenleaf was a farmer.7 Greenleaf, age 51 years, and Dorothy, age 49 years, appeared on the US Census of 1860 at Auburn, Maine.8 Greenleaf was a farmer in 1860.8 He was the executor of Jacob Woodman's estate on 3 March 1861 at Androscoggin County, Maine.9 Greenleaf, age 61 years, and Dorothy, age 59 years, appeared on the US Census of 1870 at Auburn, Maine.10 According to the Federal Census in 1870, Greenleaf was a farmer.10 He died on 14 March 1880 at Auburn, Maine, at age 71 from an abscess of the lung.1,11,4,5,3 The following comes from his funeral sermon: "On Friday, having taken his bed, he thought he could get up, though he was only able to sit up a little while. I [the Rev. Edward Ufford] called on him Saturday, and found him very ill; but I was not aware of his condition, and we all thought the evil day was afar off. He seemed so patient, I felt I was not in a sick room; he was ready to go or stay, 'Just as it pleases the Lord.' After a season of prayer, I returned to the parsonage; it was the last time I saw him alive. Sunday the doctor called, and left some encouragement, but brother Woodman knew apparently that his time was near. At about four o'clock he sank into a dormant state, and did not speak again. At nine in the evening of the Lord's day, he fell asleep in Jesus."12 He was buried on 17 March 1880 at Davis Cemetery, East Auburn, Maine.1,12 The following was written by the Rev. A. A. Ford, former pastor of the East Auburn Baptist Church, four days after Deacon Greenleaf Woodman's death, "The Church at East Auburn has sustained a terrible loss. I would extend to its pastor, and all its members, my heartfelt sympathy. Dea. Woodman was a devotedly pious man. His piety was warm, free, and spontaneous as the flowing of a brook. He walked with God. I have never been led to cherish deeper affection for any man whom I have come in contact, in my pastoral relations. True charity shone in him resplendently. How he longed for the prosperity of the church in E. Auburn. This lay nearer his heart than anything else in the world. The chapel is a monument to his zeal and activity." The following was also said at his funeral, Many are the neighbors and friends who shared its [his farm] fruits, for he was always giving something to us. Well do I recollect one morning when he came to the parsonage with a good piece of meat, and said he thought the minister needed this as well as the deacon."12,2 His estate was probated on 2 April 1880 at Androscoggin County, Maine.9

Children of Deacon Greenleaf H. Woodman and Dorothy E Dunham


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