Sarah A. Berry

F, (16 November 1829 - 12 December 1893)
Father-Biological*Eliphalet Berry1 b. c 1794, d. 16 Jul 1867
Mother-Biological*Mary P. Kimball1 b. 25 Sep 1797, d. 4 Jan 1892
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Last Edited=24 Aug 2022
Sarah A. (Berry) Flanders
     Sarah A. Berry was born on 16 November 1829 at Palmyra, Maine.2,3 She was the daughter of Eliphalet Berry and Mary P. Kimball.1 Sarah, age 20 years, appeared on the US Census of 1850 at Bangor, Maine. She was living in the household of the Maybury family.4

Sarah A. Berry, age 23, married Frederick Moses Flanders, age 25 , son of Moses Flanders and Roxana Webb, on 30 October 1853.5,6 Sarah, age 30 years, and Frederick, age 31 years, appeared on the US Census of 1860 at Palmyra, Maine. Frederick and Sarah were both listed as deaf and dumb.7,8 Sarah, age 40 years, and Frederick, age 41 years, appeared on the US Census of 1870 at Palmyra, Maine. Both Frederick and Sarah were listed as "Deaf and Dumb".9 Sarah, age 50 years, and Frederick, age 51 years, appeared on the US Census of 1880 at Palmyra, Maine.10 Sarah A. Berry died on 12 December 1893 at Palmyra, Maine, at age 64 from pneumonia.2,1,3,11,12 She was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery, Palmyra, Maine.3,11,12

Children of Sarah A. Berry and Frederick Moses Flanders


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