Matilda ~ Queen of England and Countess of Boulogne

F, (circa 1105 - 3 May 1151)
Father-Biological*Eustace III ~ Comte de Boulogne et Lens b. c 1020, d. a 1125
Mother-Biological*Mary ~ Princess of Scotland d. 31 May 1116
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Matilda of Boulogne
     Matilda ~ Queen of England and Countess of Boulogne was born circa 1105 at County of Boulogne, France.1,2,3,4,5,6 She was the daughter of Eustace III ~ Comte de Boulogne et Lens and Mary ~ Princess of Scotland. She was the heiress of Boulogne.2

Matilda ~ Queen of England and Countess of Boulogne married Stephen of Blois ~ King of England, son of Stephen III ~ Comte de Blois and Adele of Normandy , Princess of England, in 1125.7,1,2,3,4 Matilda became, in 1125, the Countess of Boulogne.1 Matilda was crowned the Queen Consort on 22 March 1136 at Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England.3 After Stephen was captured at the Battle of Lincoln in 1141, she rallied the king's partisans, and raised an army with the help of William of Ypres. While the Empress Matilda waited in London to prepare her coronation, Matilda and Stephen's brother Henry of Blois had her chased out of the city. The Empress Matilda went on to besiege Henry of Blois at Winchester. Matilda of Boulogne then commanded her army to attack the besiegers. There was a rout in which the Empress's half-brother, Robert of Gloucester, was captured. The two Matildas then agreed to exchange prisoners and Stephen ruled as king again.5 Matilda died on 3 May 1151 at Hedingham Castle, Castle Hedingham, Essex, England, of a fever.7,8,1,9,2,4,5,6 She was buried at Faversham Abbey, Faversham, Kent, England, Her tomb was destroyed during the Reformation.1,9,2,4,5

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Compeller's Notes:
Stuart (2002) gives her death as 3 July 1151 in Faversham, England.2

Children of Matilda ~ Queen of England and Countess of Boulogne and Stephen of Blois ~ King of England


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