Benjamin Mayo

M, (11 December 1750 - 2 May 1797)
Father-Biological*Major Joseph Mayo b. 28 Feb 1720/21, d. 14 Feb 1776
Mother-Biological*Esther Kenrick b. 26 Apr 1726, d. 26 Aug 1775
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Gravestone of Benjamin and Dolly Mayo
     Benjamin Mayo was born on 11 December 1750 at Roxbury, Massachusetts.1,2,3 He was the son of Major Joseph Mayo and Esther Kenrick. He opened a public house in what is now North Orange.4 Benjamin Mayo and Dolly Goddard filed marriage intentions on 1 November 1773 at Warwick, Massachusetts.1

Benjamin Mayo married Dolly Goddard, daughter of Nathan Goddard and Dorothy Stevens, in 1773 at Orange, Massachusetts.1,5 He served in he Revolution as a Sergeant in Peter Proctor's Company, of which his brother, Joseph was a First Lieutenant, Col. Samuel William's Regiment. He marched to reinforce the Northern Army 10 July to 12 August 1777, a service of one month, nine days and 120 miles traveled.1 On 1 January 1781, in Benjamin Mayo's house, a committee met, which agreed to build a meeting house, more close to them. At the meeting were Benjamin Mayo; Nathan Goddard; Nehemiah Ward, serving as clerk; John Stow; Edward Ward; and Ebenezer Foskett. To this document they added the words, "Moreover, the subscribers do covenant, promise and agree that the said Meeting House is build and intended for a Congregational Church and Society to worship in; nevertheless, we do hereby covenant, promise and agree that whenever there shall be a Town, District or Parish set off by the General Court in this place then the said House shall be free for all the inhabitants thereof to hold all their legal, Town, District, or Parish meetings in." From this meeting house grew the Town of Orange, Massachusetts. The Meeting House was dedicated 31 March 1782 . Orange remained a "District" until 1810 because the Massachusetts General Court wanted to limit membership.4 On 15 March 1784, he was appointed the Pound Keeper in Orange.4 He was elected a selectman for the District of Orange in 1785.4 Benjamin, appeared on the US Census of 1790. The enumeration reads:

3- Free White Persons - Males - 16 and over3
5- Free White Persons - Males - Under 16
7- Free White Persons - Females
15- Number of Household Members.6

He died on 2 May 1797 at Orange, Massachusetts, at age 46.1,2 He was buried at North Orange Cemetery, Orange, Massachusetts. Benjamin's epitaph reads:

Benjamin Mayo Esq.
May 2, 1797
Æt 47
Dolly Mayo
His wife
June 7, 1845
Æt 88.1,7,2

Children of Benjamin Mayo and Dorothy Goddard


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